Kuba Elephant mask for sale

I’m selling my beloved Kuba elephant mask – only because I have no space for it. It’s hard as I’ve had it for over a decade and will miss it’s powerful and protective energy. 

If you are interested in it, please do contact me and name a price – you might get it! 😉

African elephant maskThese masks represent kingly power and are mostly used for initiation rituals. Some say they are used in a ritualized reenactment of Kuba mythological origins and royal power struggles. Portraying both the god Woot and the first king, the character marries his sister, Ngaady A Mwaash, and contests with his brother, Bwoom, who speaks for the commoners. This is just one of the Woot stories attached to this mask.There are also some very interesting stories on the web regarding elephant masks- some very fascinating ones from Cameroon also and different explanations of the Kuba and Woot’s story.

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A different kind of homelessness!

So, having been homeless has had me stay in the most wonderful places… (apart from the tiny room where I became allergic to the three cats in the house)

First at the boyfriend’s for about 2 weeks

David's fire for blog

Then a week in Berlin

for blogfor blog 2

…and now at a friend’s penthouse in Shoreditch!

views from Andy'sAndy'saandy's couch

But counting the days … waiting for a phone call to tell me I can rent some flat I’ve been trying to move into.. Can not wait to have a place I can call home! Having bits all over the place and moving from one place to another is not fun 😦

Nothing to do with Photography

Ok, so I have to move in two days- can’t afford my rent – boyfriend said to leave a month early as to not add up any more rent- he said not to rush to find just anywhere and to stay with him til I find the nicest place..

Boyfriend said it’d be so much fun to have me stay etc etc

Two days left til I go to his and boyfriend had major panick attacks last night about my moving in – makes me laugh in a way – true comittment phobe – 

Turns out he can’t possibly have me stay – what a let down 😦

So, I have no where to go – let go of chances of moving in anywhere in the meantime and place I may move into won’t be moving into for atleast 3 weeks.

Thanks boyfriend, or should I even be calling him that – I mean it’s not like I’ll be living there permenantly!! Can’t believe he’s let me down like this and he keeps telling me how much he loves me today – argh! :/

*Been drinking a lot of tequila to soften the blow…

Finger crossing

Ok, so I am NOT going to relax until January!


Because I’ve been told this amazing magazine is going to make a piece with my winter photographs…

and I just don’t believe it’s going to happen until it happens.. but will it really happen? Why do I feel the editor will change her mind or some kind of catastrophe will stop it from happening!! :/

Anybody gone through this? Please share story if you have!

Loopers looping around

Soo, took laptop to shop yesterday and of course it started working as soon as the guy turned it on!

I ran to the nearest wifi cafe, incase of it breaking down again and started emailing my pics to myself like Desmond (and sometimes Locke) would push the buttons !!

I’m only editing the pics now as I spent most of yesterday being moody and drunk and most of today with my boyfriend. He helped me pack up a bit- well helped me choose what items of clothing to keep and what to throw and I was much more ruthless with him around WOO HOO! 2 large binliner bags of clothes going to charity tomorrow! (I’m to leave my place on the 1st November when it was supposed to be the 1st December only yesterday…. and I’ve done nothing with regards to packing) and then we went and saw LOOPER which I thoroughly enjoyed. I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and it was a bit Inception-like although of course Inception Is  better! The only thing I’d say is Bruce Willis needs to stop the action movies NOW- it was a fine line, a fine line… and I really liked Emma Blunt too – she was very cool 🙂

Anyway, just came on here for a break and to say that I have my real job, the job that pays the bills (actually it doesn’t even make the bills, but atleast I get to eat!) tomorrow morning, where I have to be totally on the ball and yet I am up at 2.38 am editing pictures for a magazine that always in the past has found reasons for not taking my work…..

So , she better this time – that’s all I can say!

Good night people- sleep well and sweet dreams 🙂

Get a job, lose the product!

So sent some  pics to a local favourite magazine and she was interested in using them for her winter edition :DDDDDD


Of course once I set out to send her more of what she asked for, m computer died on me with non of those pics saved….


Now working for a bit so trying to retrieve all i can and save and back up etc – at EAT, quiet, great music in background, drinking my decaf and working on them – can’t risk waiting to get home! Fingers crossed as I really dont want to miss this important deadline!!